ultrasound gel warmer

Providing Warm and Comfort

Warmy is a latest generation Gel Warmer designed and developed by R & D Team of DYAUSMED Healthcare. Warmy, a Dual Bottle Gel Warmer is based on intelligent Audrino Micro‑controller Technology which helps in achieving perfect temperature of gel bottles ensuring maximum comfort and warmth to your patients. Warmy has bright LCD display for continuous temperature display, has Turbo heating mode for fast heating of the Gel bottles when ever you need them at right temperature in urgency. Warmy has Intelligent Thermal Cutoff Technology which ensures that under no circumstances temperature exceeds the desired limits thereby providing 100% safety and reliability. It’s unique surround heating technology ensures that the gel bottles are evenly heated from all sides. Warmy is your best buddy to provide comfort and care to your precious patients.

  • Dual gel bottle heating design
  • High resolution color LCD display
  • Turbo mode for fast heating
  • Micro‑controller Extremely low power consumption
  • Inbuilt handle for easy transportation
  • Wall mounting option
  • Anti‑skid design of stability

  • Dual Gel Bottle Design

    Warmy gel warmer is designed to heat two gel bottles simultaneously ensuring you have one bottle ready while you use other bottle to complete your scans providing seamless use of warm gel for comfort of your patients.

  • Warmy Gel warmer is equipped with Arduino Microcontroller based technology ensuring maintenance of precise temperature and ensures soft heating of ultrasound gel. Soft heating ensures uniform heating of Gel inside the bottles with minimum temperature variation.

  • Warmy Gel warmer is equipped with high resolution LCD display which shows current temperature and current operating mode continuously. LCD display has bright illuminance with wide viewing angle.

  • Warmy Gel warmer shows continuous display of current temperature of Gel giving you precise information of the current temperature of gel.

  • Warmy Gel Warmer is manufactured with high quality thermal resistant plastic ensuring high durability. The material used in Warmy Gel warmer is tested to sustain high temperature variation with high heat conduction resistance.

  • Warmy Gel Warmer has two modes of operation, Normal Mode and Turbo Mode. Normal mode is default mode. TURBO mode is fast heating mode which remains active for 15 minutes in a stretch ensuring FAST heating for those moments when you need fast warming of gel bottles for emergency scans.

Gel warmer for ultrasound
  • Powerful Surround heating

    Warmy Gel Warmer offers powerful surround soft heating technology ensuring fast and even heating from all sides of gel bottles. Soft heating helps in avoiding sudden high temperature variation leading to comfortable and relaxing patient experience.

  • Warmy Gel Warmer is 100% safe and is loaded with many safety features. The intelligent Arduino Microcontroller program ensures fine management of temperature ensuring minimal temperature variation. Warmy also has Intelli-thermal Cutoff Technology with auto overheating protection which shuts the machine down in case of temperature sensor malfunction under extreme circumstances.

  • Warmy has extremely low power consumption making it most power saving Gel warmer in industry. Also the unique heating management algorithm of Arduino Microcontroller ensures minimal power consumption once the desired temperature has been achieved as it manages the heating precisely.

  • Warmy Gel warmer is extremely easy to clean. The product has been designed meticulously ensuring no sharp edges or dust pockets. Warmy can be easily cleaned with any non alcoholic cleaning agent.

  • Wall Mounting

    Warmy Gel warmer can be easily mounted on a wall or Ultrasound unit. The mounting option is given on the back side of the product and it is extremely easy to mount the product on desired location.

  • Warmy Gel warmer is extremely light weight and it also has a inbuilt handle groove on the backside for easy transportation if required.

  • Warmy Gel warmer has facility to switch between Centigrade and Fahrenheit with just click of a button. The display shows the unit of temperature which is active.

  • Warmy Gel warmer has been designed to ensure that the product does not skid incase of accidental force making it extremely safe and durable.

  • Warmy Gel warmer has inbuilt lid latch which helps in easy lifting of the cover. The Gel warmer lid cover is made of transparent material for clear visibility of gel bottles. Further the Lid has a lock system so that the lid hold when opened so you can easy takeout the bottles even with use of one hand.

  • Cross Signal Detection

    Cross Signal Detection (CSD) reduces the risk of confusion between the twin’s tracings and Fetal and maternal signals. During the twins monitoring it is a regular limitation that both the Ultrasound transducers start picking up FHR from the same fetus thus leading to confusion in analysis. Cross Signal Detection provides indications if both the US transducers are picking up the same signals so that you can get the correct signals. It is also useful to distinguish between fetal and maternal signals in the case of IUD.

  • Dyausmed Fetal Monitors are capable of monitoring twin fetuses simultaneously. Twins monitoring is made extremely convenient by equipping the fetal monitor with innovative features like Cross Signal Detection, Trace Offset, etc.

  • Dyausmed offers advanced smart wireless and wired transducers for precise monitoring. Dyausmed Smart wireless Transducers have an inbuilt LCD display, are light weight and have an inbuilt battery backup which makes them ideal for use independently and also as a portable fetal doppler. The wireless transducers have special gold-plated connectors for quick charging.

  • < Foldable Screen

    Foldable screen provides a convenient option to adjust the screen so that you can have the best view without changing your working position. The screen can be adjusted for tabletop position or wall mounting.

  • Frequent signal loss is a serious problem during labor monitoring or at the time of fetal movement. Dyausmed offers smart Track & Lock facility in its intelligent Ultrasound Transducers. Dyausmed Transducers have advanced features to track and lock the FHR signals automatically ensuring that you do not need to reposition the transducers again and again. Signal indicators provide continuous signal strength status.

  • Frequent overlapping of fetal Heart Rates of twin trace is one of the biggest challenges of twin trace while recording twins, thus providing you a clear view of both the traces for fast and accurate analysis.

  • CTG 80 Fetal Monitor offers an internationally approved scoring system. CTG 80 offers 3 choices for selecting the fetal graph scoring system.

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About Dyausmed

DYAUSMED Healthcare was established in year 2013 under the flagship of SIMPL GROUP OF COMPANIES, a group which has a proud history of 25 years of offering latest technologies and services in field of High-End Healthcare products. After devoting 25+ years to Medical Healthcare Equipment Industry through his first venture SCORPIA India Medicare Pvt Ltd, which introduced Indian market to many top Medical Equipment Brands like Hewlett Packard, Agilent Technologies, Philips healthcare, BPL, SECA etc., CEO & Director Er. Amit Singh Rohila, analysed that it was injustice to Indian users as they had to pay unreasonable prices in name of Technology and Brand. This thought motivated him to use his 25+ years experience to create a company which could offer best technological products at very reasonable prices. That’s how DYAUSMED Healthcare was born in 2013, a company with a mission to provide “Technology for Better Life”.

In 2020 DYAUSMED created Food and Supplement Division with a mission to support “ATMA-NIRBHAR BHARAT” call by our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. The Objective of the Food and Supplement Division, Divine Leaves was to manufacture highest quality food and supplements which have extensive health benefits and bring new natural food alternatives like stevia to improve quality of life of all humanity . The Motto of Divine Leaves Products is "Healthy Products for Healthy Nation". Divine Leaves Products like Stevia Sweeteners, Erythritol, Fructose, Herbal products (Rama Tulsi, Green Basil, Purple Basil etc), Essence Premium Herbal Tea Infusions ( Chamomile tea, Butter Fly Pea Blue Tea, Hibiscus Tea, Lavender Tea and many other Innovative Blends ), Divine Munch Dehydrated Fruit snacks are innovative Natural Solution which are extremly Healthy, 100% Safe, 100% Natural, Non GMO, Vegan and does not have any added sugar. All Divine Leaves products are manufactured with highest of Quality Standards and GMP parameters. Manufacturing Unit of DYAUSMED is FASSAI certified.“DYAUS” means “He who Shines” and in Rigveda DYAUS has been described as God of Sky or sky father or heaven or Daylight Sky. Dyausmed is a synonym of “DIVINE light of hope for Mankind”.This was the thought with which DYAUSMED was created… A new hope of light for Mankind.

Innovation & Quality Statement

Innovation is strong hold of DYAUSMED and it’s numerous success stories prove that DYAUSMED is never satisfied to rest on it’s reputation. Every DYAUSMED products are not only manufactured to provide the highest quality but also delivers immence Health Benefits along with exceptional Taste. It is our Research teams passion for perfection that has enabled our products to deliver more than our customer's expectations. Our goal at DYAUSMED is to provide Highest Quality Healthy products to make Nation healthy. Dyausmed DIVINE Leaves product line is FASSAI approved and all products are vigorously tested in Government approved testing labs. All products are manufactured as per international standards like ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485.

DYAUSMED products are designed, conceptualised and manufactured in India. All products are sustainabily produced with main focus to create Rural emplyment and to support Indian Farmers. Dyausmed today has a Manufacturing / R & D Campus of approx. 10 Acres at Knowledge and Innovation campus, NH-5, Abupur Road, Muradnagar, Ghaziabad(UP), NCR which has state of the art R & D, Manufacturing and Quality testing facility. We adhere to strictest manufacturing and Quality Testing protocols ensuring very high quality in all our products.



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