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The dependable construction and Innovative design of the tourniquet cuffs make them a great choice for any procedure requiring a bloodless field. Cuffs are strong. Yet still comfortable thanks to their soft surface material, which helps minimize cuff creasing. The soft, flexible hose helps reduce stress at the hose-to-cuff connection. Cuffs come in a variety of sizes and configurations and are color coded for quick identification at size.

Four sizes designed to upper limbs and lower limbs of adult and pediatric patients.

Designed to complement regular adult and pediatric tourniquet sizes and designs.

Proven performance in surgery.

Wide range of available locking connections that provide compatibility with most of the tourniquet system in the market and prevent accidental disconnection.

Latex free

  • Highest patient and end-user safety
  • Prevention of skin blisters, nerve and muscle damage
  • Long life time
Please see Tourniquet Cuffs product Documents for detailed information.
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