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Smart View Technology
  • Smart view Network Compatible (One network for your all needs)
  • Providing information where its needed most ensuring seamless information flow within the clinical network.
INTEL-ALARM Intelligent Alarms

Unique INTEL-ALARM - intelligent alarm system to identify alarm level automatically according to variation of measurement parameters. There are different sounds and lighting prompts for every level with delay alarm and delay time which can be adjusted. There is also automatic alarm & printing function. Different from traditional alarm, there is practical clinical significance for alarm to reduce missing of alarms and false alarm. Also provides the nursing staff a clear indication of severity of alarming condition enabling them to organize the priorities.

  • 360 degree visual alarm lamp: Intelligent High and Low priority Alarms.
  • Also has separate Audio visual Technical Alarms
  • Blue Alarms for Technical Alarms
  • Yellow Alarms for mid priority Alarms
  • Red Alarms for high priority Alarms
Smart Intelli Touch Technology
Smart Intelli Touch Technology provides you with state of the art touch technology giving you with precise touch experience for faster navigation while using your Dyausmed monitors. Smart Intelli Touch technology improves your workflow and enables you to get the maximum output from your investment. In today’s world of smart gadgets touch screen navigation has become a part of our day to day life. Dyausmed provides Smart Intelli Touch technology providing easy navigation to vital information’s.
MASIMO SpO2 Technology
Dyausmed Smart View 600 monitors are equipped with MASIMO technology which uses the most powerful pulse oximetry algorithms. The Masimo SET technology uses 5 parallel algorithms thus providing highly accurate data and avoiding the false alarms.
ExNeo™ ECG, RESP Measurement Technology
When neonate is crying, body movement will interfere the ECG waveform because of the weak ECG signal and limited time for QRS wavefrom.  DYAUSMED adopts wavelet denoising technology , which immensely filters the interference and keeps the integrity of ECG signal
Adap-Dsp™ NIBP Technology
Avoid effect from low blood pressure and low blood perfusion of neonate. Enhance capability of anti-interference, especially in movement status.Soft & hard over-pressure protection. SV600 adopts SAWAA(Self-Adaptive-Waveform-Amplitude –Adjust) ① Arithmetic, it will adjust signal amplitude in accordance with signal strength, which increase the handing ability of low perfusion signal
Cardio TecTM  Technology:
Cardio Tec™ technology 12-leadECG waveform synchronously display high precision ECG measurement technology, provides professional diagnosis assistance. Support arrhythmia analysis & alarm review. Two ECG cable to get 12-lead ECG analysis. Conventional 12-lead ECG to analyze I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF,V1-V6 and display these waveforms on the same screen.
  • AcuTecTM NIBP technology
  • More accurate measurement (SYS/DIA/MAP/PR)
  • Manual, Auto and Continuous mode
  • Overpressure protection
  • Both Reusable & Disposable NIBP Cuff can be used
Information Integration Engine Technology (IIET)
  • Built in ICU Electronic Medical Record System (including temperature chart and liquid entrance & exit balance form)
  • Powerful Clinical Information integration engine (connected to ICU equipment such as respirator and infusion pump, etc)
  • Perfect physiological score system (Including Apache and Apache)
  • To realize multi - platform working of various kinds of medical Information (Such as PACS image invoking).
  • Comprehensive clinical equipment information (connected to operating equipment such as anesthesia machine and infusion pump. etc.)
  • Automatic acquisition of physiological indication and important events during operative period
  • Built - in electronic record system for anesthesia department / operating room
  • One stop solution of medical record for entire stay in hospital
  • Detailed patient information, convenient for checking
  • Wired and Wireless Networking
Information integration engine technology(IIET) can be connected to patient monitor and medical equipment with centralized and real - time display & review of equipment information near the bed based on the information network in the hospital,. Massages of different administrative or technical offices such as HIS, PACS etc in the network can be integrated to integrate clinical information
Hybrid Technologies

Dyausmed brings to you Hybrid technology to meet all of your challenging demands while working in Highest level of critical care environment.
Hybrid Technology is a unique blend of

  • Multi-measurement Server
  • Transport Monitoring
  • Single Parameter Modules
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