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Hybrid Technologies

Dyausmed brings to you Hybrid technology to meet all of your challenging demands while working in Highest level of critical care environment.

Hybrid Technology is a unique blend of

  • Multi-measurement Server
  • Transport Monitoring
  • Single Parameter Modules
Multi-Parameter Server Transport Multi-Parameter Server Single Parameter Module

Single Parameter Modules for

  • IBP
  • Cardiac output
  • BIS
  • IOC
  • Respiratory Mechanics
  • AGM

Multi Parameter Modules for

  • Multiple essential Parameters in Single Server
  • Easy Sharing
  • Seamless data transfer

Transport Multi Parameter Module

  • 4.3” color integrated display in multi parameter server with touch screen facility.
  • TMPS is ideal to perform all functions of Monitor independently including 12 lead Diagnostic ECG from 10 Electrodes.
  • Inbuilt independent Battery Backup.
  • Direct DC power input for use in ambulance.
  • TMPS can be used as a independent Monitor for transportation purpose
  • MMS is capable of monitoring all parameters available in main Unit independently
  • Seamless Data Transfer
  • Easy Sharing
  • In Hospital Transport
  • Emergency Transport

Key Differences between SV900 and SV820

  SV900 SV820
Display Size 17" Color TFT Display 12.1" Color TFT Display
Multi Parameter Server Compatible Compatible
Transport Multi Parameter Server Compatible Compatible
Multi Parameter Module Compatible N/A
Flexible Module Rack Compatible N/A
Wireless Network Compatible Compatible


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