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SMART Surveillance Centre SSC1900 is a kind of intelligent central multi-bed and multi-physiological parameter monitoring system, connected by network with bedside units, suitable for performing continuous monitoring of several patients in CCU and ICU wards simultaneously.


Standard Network Interface
TCP/IP central monitoring system, be able to observe full vital signs information of the patient

Stable Internet Connection
Standard configuration for 8 bedside monitors, support maximum 128 units

Full Disclosure Waveform Observation
Large screen display, be observe 16 bedside monitors’ waveforms simultaneously. Dual-screen display is selectable

Bi-directional Communication
Unique bi-directional communication function to realize the mutual control of central monitor and bedside monitors

Large Storage Capacity
720-hour full disclosure waveform review, 1240-hour trend graph review, 1000 alarm records review,
50000 patient historical data. All the information can be stored in disk

Data File Review
Large storage capacity of full monitoring information for easy review, analysis and statistics

Flexible Connection Methods:
LAN, wireless LAN and mixture networking are available for meeting different clinical requirements. The system is compatible with DYAUSMED’s multi-parameter patient monitor, maternal/fetal monitor and fetal monitor.


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