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DYAUSMED40 series reusable temperature probe are fully compatible with YSI 400 series electronic medical thermometers and temperature modules. DYAUSMED400 series reusable temperature probe are available for skin (surface) and central (rectal) applications.

DYAUSMED400 surface and central temperature probes are suitable for us with adult and pediatric patients.
High Accuracy- DYAUSMED400 series temperature probes are accurate to ±0.1° between 32°C and 42°C. Accuracies are ±0.2° and 70°C.

Interchangeability - DYAUSMED400 series temperature probes are interchangeable with every other probe of the same series.

Traceability- DYAUSMED400 Series reusable temperature probes have part, lot and serial number to ensure equipment capability and product traceability.

High Durability- Molded construction and strain relieves of DYAUSMED400 series reusable temperature probes provide long product life.

Please refer to Medical Temperature Probe Product Document for detailed information.

DYAUSMED cults and hoses meet the requirements of the MDD 93/42/EEC&MDD 2007/47/EC and CE marked.

All DYAUSMED Products are Latex Free.
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