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Dyausmed offers a complete range of sizes and configurations in order to meet your specific monitoring needs single and double tube cuffs in Thigh, Large Adult, Adult, Small Adult, Pediatric and infant sizes are available. Dyausmed reusable cuffs have both bladderless and with bladder options.

Dyausmed reusable cuffs have clear index lines, range markings and symbols to ensure easy and correct application for maximum measurement accuracy. Dyausmed cuffs immediately and clearly indicates whether or not correct size being used.

Dyausmed cuffs with bladder are made of lightly woven soft Nylon, critical points of the cuffs are double stitched for extra durability. Nylon fabric of Dyausmed reusable cuffs with bladder easy cleaning and disinfection, Bladders (inflation bags) are available in Non-Latex (PVC and Neoprene). Dyausmed cuffs with bladder are antimicrobial coated for reducing the risk of cross contamination.

Dyausmed reusable bladderless cuffs are made of soft Nylon which provides easy cleaning. Disinfection and durability. Dyausmed reusable bladderless cuffs are Non-Latex.

Velcro hook and loop fasteners which are positioned easy match in holding strength to provide the optimal number of open-close cycles.

Please refer to Reusable NIBP Cuffs & Hoses Product Document for reference numbers and other product information.

All Dyausmed products meet the requirements of the MDD 93/42/EEC&MDD 2007/47/EC and CE marked.
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