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Dyausmed VS 60 Neo Neonatal monitor is designed acute, precise monitoring of vital parameters of Neonates. One of the most compact monitors in its class, the VS60 provides the flexibility you require for a wide variety of Neonatal vital signs monitoring applications. At Dyausmed we understand the hallenges involved in monitoring the neonates and thus VS60 has been equipped with world’s most trusted technologies like Masimo to ensure that you get the most accurate data for clinical evaluation. With the VS60, you get the dependability you need and the versatility you want. You can feel confident with your decision to monitor your valuable patients with best possible care.

Wake -UP module

It can solve choking symptomresulted fromapnea, help the newborn to free fromthe danger
of choking there by protecting fully the newborn.

EnvironmentalOxygen Concentration Module

Oxygen concentration module which provide status of O2 concentration in incubator giving you precise information ofO2status.

Specialized Neonatal Sensors&Accessories

Considering numerous challenges faced by neonatologist, VS 60 offers many options of dedicated neonatal use. VS 60 comes with dedicated Neonatal accessories for:-

- ECGMonitoring
- SpO2Monitoring
- NIBP Monitoring

Standard Configuration


Optional Configuration

Thermal Printer, EtCO Wake up Module, Wired & Wireless LAN, 2, Oxygen Concentration Module, Multiple Mounting Options

VS 60 Multi-parameter Neocare Patient Monitor has been designed to meet critical needs of neonatal care monitoring in NICU. VS60 comes with dedicated Neonatal Accessories which every neonatologist need to precise monitoring. VS60 has many dedicated advanced features which have been designed considering the high precise requirements of neonatal environment.

  • Dyausmed VS60 Neo ECG technology for precise ECG Measurement.
  • Unique Neonatal Apnea wake-up function, by using the specializedwake upmodule.
  • Oxygen concentration Sensor to monitor the oxygen Concentrationvariationof theincubator.
  • Multiple Configuration Screen. Big Numeric Screen also available.
  • Various interfaces: Standard display, Large-font display, 7 waveforms display, 2-hours trends graph display.
  • Arrhythmia detection and analysis
  • 96–hours trends graph recall, 96-hours trends table recall, 400- groups of NIBP list, 60 alarmevents.



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