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Electronic management for the future- information integration engine technology

Information integration engine technology can be connect to patient monitor and medical equipment nest the bed with centralized and real-time  display & review of equipment information near the bed based on the information network in the hospital,. Massages of different administrative or technical offices such as RIS, PACS and LIS, etc in the court can be integrated to integrate clinical information.
  • Built in ICU electronic medical record system(including temperature chart and liquid entrance & exit balance form)
  • Powerful clinical information integration engine (connected to ICU  equipment such as respirator and infusion pump, etc)
  • Perfect physiological score system (Including Apache and Apache)
  • To realize multi-platform working opf various kinds of medical information (Such as PACS image invoking)
  • Comprehensive  clinical equipment information (connected to operating equipment such as anesthesia machine and infusion pump. etc.)
  • Automatic acquisition of physiological  indication and important events during operative period.
  • Built-in electrode  record system for anesthesia department/operating room.
  • Convenient input done.
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