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Template analysis : Templates adaptive and generated by real QRS waveforms. Distinguish Normal, APB, VPB,
pacemaker, artifact, questionable templates. Convenient and quick modification of templates.
Remix overlay analysis
Template fusion : Merge similar templates and speed up the analysis.
Chart Analysis : Special charts for automatic AF, Max/Min HR, diagnostic ECG strips, full disclosure ECG strips,
Intervals, ST tendency chart, Pacemaker spike.
Automatic analysis One-touch analysis of AF by Point of care plot. Pinpoint AF occurrence time, duration, min HR.
44 Hi stog rams analysis: R-R interval, N-N interval, N-V interval, N-S interval, N-J interval, R-S interval, S-S interval, S-N interval, S-R interval, R-V interval, V-V, interval, V-N interval, V-R interval, pacemaker-pacemaker, pacemaker- intrinsic, intrinsic-pacemaker, RR interval ratio, HR. Help doctors to quickly and accurately modify the results of automatic analysis. Peculiar to S-V interval and V-S interval histograms, making batch edit APB and VPB easier.
Pacemaker analysis : Pacemaker analysis displayed by histograms, includes atrial single chamber, ventricular single chamber, double chambers, uncategorized, manually mark over-sense, failure of sense.

SOFTWARE-Precesion and Accuracy

Dyausmed Track Smart Holter Software for Windows is a high-performance Holter analysis application
which is easy to install, use and maintain —with comprehensive information as a cardiograph. Track
Smart Holter Software runs on a standard desktop PC and provides in-depth information required to make accurate diagnosis ensuring fast and precise treatment decisions. The capability, flexibility and speed of this system are one of the best in it's class.


With Dyausmed's Track Smart Holter recorder's you can scan any three of 12 leads, access comprehensive ECG reports, analyze 12 lead ECG leads (TS12) for ST segment changes, view and/or print a 12-lead ECG for any QRS during the recording, and print 12-lead full disclosure reports. What's more is that the 12 lead ECG information delivered to you is of Diagnostic Quality (Not derived) so you can be sure of 100% accuracy of your ECG reports as if reviewing on your
12 channel Cardiograph.


Full disclosure, superimposition, and fast scan are main advantages of Track Smart Holter Software.
Define, Analyze and save analysis criteria to support your research and reporting. Take advantage of
simultaneous three-channel ECG analysis and a range of arrhythmia analysis packages including Afib,
Ventricular Runs, High/Low Heart Rate, Couplet, Bigeminy, Trigeminy, Atrial Runs, Late VEs, PAC, PVCs,
and Artifacts. Smart presentations include many Automatic analysis accuracy of Track Smart Holter is upto 99.9%, tested by MIT-BIH. informative charts for : Atrial Fibrillation (Automatic Analysis, 98% Accuracy), Histograms, Arrhythmia Analysis, HRV Time Domain Analysis, HRV Frequency Domain Analysis, HRT Analysis, TWA Analysis, QTd Analysis, VCG Analysis, VLP Analysis, SAP Analysis.


It's a breeze to link Track Smart Software to your color laser printer and print reports with your institution's logo. Track Smart Software works with all the functions supported by your PC, including fax and storage options. There's no need to buy expensive custom add-ons


Track Smart Software gives you the freedom to use any computer that meets the minimum requirements (see table) and 24 hours of ECGs can be processed in 30 seconds. Use a faster computer to get faster throughput. Track Smart Software is virtually maintenance-free. Simply move from one PC to another if hardware problems occur. If you have your Own existing PC that you wish to dedicate exclusively for Track Smart Holter System, you can choose Only Software option saving you your precious money.


Track Smart Holter Software is very easy to use and can be customized as per your needs. The customized features of the Track Smart holter include ECG display, scanning speed, auto stops, event review, color beat highlighting, configurable arrhythmia profiles, multiple calipers, noise algorithm, color schemes, report format, user-defined configuration files, comprehensive algorithm tools, default setting and report customization.


Technical Specifications  
Conversation mode
Sample rate
Memory card
Recording time
Pacemaker detection
3 (TS3) or 12 channels(TS12)
LCD, Indicator light
4GB SD card
24h, 48h, 72h or 14 days
10000Hz sample rate by 3 channels synchronous detection
Physic Specs  
86.3x56x16.5 mm
5, 7 or 10 cables lines
Electric Property  
A/D accuracy
Frequency response
16 Bit
0.05~410Hz @-3dB
1AAA battery
96 hours (Alkaline)
Work Circumstance  
Work temperature
0 0 Storage temperature
Work altitude
Storage altitude
+5 C to + 40 C
-40 C to + 50 C
-150 to 4500M
-150 to 4500 M
System Requirement  
Hard Disk

17 in. minimum (15.9” diagonal)
High Resolution
1024 Horizontal x 768 Vertical minimum

Intel Pentium Core II Duo or Higher
2 GB or Higher
500 GB hard disk drive

Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
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