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Dyausmed patient monitoring ECG cables are designed for measuring ECG and impedance respiration in adult and pediatric patients. Dyausmed patient ECG cables family includes E-200, E-204, E-205, E-206, E-207 and E-208 series.

All of the leads are clearly identified by color code and inerasable, embossed plastic location designator, to ensure correct application of the electrodes, their positions and color codes are indicated on the trunk cable yoke. Dyausmed ECG cables are color coded and imprinted in either IEC or AHA protocols.

Specially designed, fully shielded low noise cable minimizes electrical noise and interface to provide maximum signal quality. For additional signal protection cable yoke is also shielded.

Specially designed, polyurethane jacketed yoke and lead cables, flexible bend reliefs at the connector and cable yoke provide extra durability and extend product life, inner conducts of the cables are Kevlar filled tinned tinsel for strength and durability.

Dyausmed patient monitoring ECG cables use all medical grade polyurethane, santroprene, polypropylene and ABS components. No LATEX. No PVC to maximize patient safety and comfort by minimizing the risk of bio-compatibility problems.

Dyausmed patient monitoring ECG cables can be supplied with or without resistors 1.0 KQ and 4.7 KQ resistor options available. Resistors for defibrillation protection are safety housed in the cable yoke. Lead wires terminated to snap or grabber.

The wide range of available connectors make Dtausmed patient monitoring ECG cables compatible with most of the patient monitors in the market, please refer to patient monitoring ECG cables product Document for product compatibility.

Dyausmed patient monitoring ECG cables have part, lot and serial numbers to equipment compatibility and product traceability.

All Dyausmed Product meet the requirements of the MDD 93/42/EEC&MDD 2007/47/EC and CE marked.
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