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DYAUSMED disposable pulse oximetery sensors are ideal for extended monitoring or minimizing the risk if infection where the risk if cross-contamination is high.

DYAUSMED disposable sensors are made of flexible shielded cable. High accuracy electronic component and 3M Micorfaom™ or Medaplast™ fabric adhesive material. These adhesive materials with medium adhesive maximize patients comfort and allowthe sensor to be easily moved and quickly reapplied when repositioning.

DYAUSMED also offers velcro non-adhesive single patient use sensors. Due to the Velcro design, the repositioning of the sensor is possible for many times without destroying the sensor body. This is very helpful to user especially dusring long term monitorization.

DYAUSMED disposable sensor sensors are Latex-Free and meet industry standards for biocompatibility.

DYAUSMED offers four sizes of comfortable and accurate disposable sensors designed to fit adult, pediatric, infant and neonatal patients.

DYAUSMED disposable sensors are compatible with major leading manufacturer of patient monitoring and pulse oximetry systems.

DYAUSMED disposable pulse oximetry sensor have high signal accuracy. Accuracy is ±% between 90%-100% and ±2% between 70%-89% added Faraday shielding feature reduce the effect of magnetic interference from environment and increases the accuracy of the measurement.

Dyausmed disposable pulse oximery sensor are supplied sterile or non-sterile and sold in 24 pieces per pack.

Please refer to DYAUSMED disposable pulse Oximetery (SpO2) Sensors reference chart for number identification.

All DYAUSMED pulse oximetry sensor meet the requirements of MDD/93/42/EEC and CE marked.
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