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Dyausmed Single patient use blood pressure cuffs were designed to reduce the spread of infection through cross-contaminators, Dyausmed offers a complete line of single patient use NIBP Cuffs from Large Adult size. All cuffs are manufactured from a soft, durable, while TPU material which can be quickly and easily wiped clean. The cuff has been manufactured with rounded corners to minimize discomfort.

Dyausmed #1to #15 sizes Neonatal cuffs are supplied with a luer slip connector, standard male luer connectors allow Dyausmed neonatal blood pressure cuffs to be adapted to a wide range of most major monitor manufacturers. Dyausmed #6 to @12 sizes cuffs are shipped without connector or with the plastic connectors attached that allow them to be used with virtually any NIBP monitor connectors in either one- or two-tube versions.
  • Designed for single patient use to eliminate cross-contamination.
  • Durable hook-and-loop closure allows repeated repositioning for ease of use.
  • Extra soft and comfortable TPU material is durable and 100% latex—free.
  • Wide range of sizes to accommodate all patients. Cuffs are available in 12 sizes.
  • In neonate sizes color coded printing on each cuff makes it easy to identify cuff size.
  • Dual or single tube styles to suit the configuration of your blood pressure equipment.
  • Range guide and index marking on the cuff help to determine the proper size cuff for the patient.
  • Adapters available for any monitors on the market.
  • Cuffs have 20 cm tube/s.
  • Packed 10 or 40 per case.

Please refer to Disposable Neonatal NIBP Cuffs Product Document for reference numbers and other product information,

All Dyausmed products meet the requirements of the MDD 93/42EEC&MDD 2007/47/EC and CE marked.
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