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  • Nautilus 9 crystal Ultrasound Transducer
  • Invisible Handle
  • 12’1Touch Screen
  • Wall Mount Solution

Special Display

  • Support Fetal Monitor display, Maternal Monitor display, Big font display, parameter List display etc.
  • Support Patient information input. Color of parameter and waveform is adjustable.

Powerful Function

  • 120 hour real time wave forms display.
  • 96 hour Trend Graphic
  • 400 groups data trend list
  • Automatic scoring system
  • 9-crystal and 1 MHz water-proof transducer for accurate detection.
  • Multi Displays: main display, Fetal parameter Display, Trend Graphic Display, Big Font Display, Maternal Parameter Display

Alarm System

3-Level intellectualized light/audio alarm

Network System

USB Socket and Ethernet socket reserved to extend function wired and wireless network support, maximum 128 unit of beside monitor to form a super central monitoring system


  • Built in long life thermal array printer.
  • 112mm universal thermal recording paper.
  • 1/2/3cm/min Real-time speed selectable.


Individual transducer for accurate detection FHR, FM,TOCO Probe Twins monitoring support.


With real external parameter (Twins monitoring, external utreine contraction and maternal parameters (NIBP,ECG,TEMP,Spo2), CTG70 can meet the needs of antepartum, intrapartum , postpartum.

Fetal & Maternal Monitor

it offers The most advanced integrated for the delivery room in big hospital, private obstetrician’s office and antepartum clinic.

CTG70 integrates twin’s fetal heart rate (FHR) uterine activity (TOCO), fetal movement (FM), intrauterine pressure and maternal NIBP, SpO2, HR, ECG and TEMP monitoring


  • Big Font Interface
  • Multi Parameter Monitoring
  • Twins Monitoring
  • Trend Graphic
  • FHR Waveform
  • Fetal Monitoring

Standard Configuration

FHR / TOCO / FM / ECG / HR / Built-in printer

Optional Configuration

IUP / Twins / Nellcor SpO2 / Special accessories for neonates and paediatric / Waterproof probe / TOCO / SpO2 / NIBP / Temperature / Respiration / Pulse

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