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  • Advanced patient file management system, support handwriting input 6.5” color TFT touch screen, convenient for observation &movement.
  • Support data storage and program upgrading by external USB Disk.
  • Built –in high-capacity Li-ion battery, above 4 hours working time.
  • International pop design, lightweight.
  • Hidden handle.
  •  Transducers CTG60
  • Automatic detection transducers, easy and flexible connection.
  • 12 crystal wide pulse wave waterproof transducer, suitable for water birth.
  • Optional wireless waterproof transducer.
  • Optional twins monitoring function.
  • Optional maternal ECG/SPO2/NIBP/ HR/ RESP/ TEMP monitoring.
  •  Frontal extractable paper slot, Easy for paper replacement.
  • 152mm wide-line printer, excellent printing view.
  • Support the 30mm/Min,209mm/Min real- time printing speed.
  • Support 25mm/Sec high-speed fetal waveform replay printing
  •  Tempom ™ timing monitoring function, avoid over time monitoring.
  • Intelligent alarm management, automatic-identification of alarm level. Self-adjust proper alarm time to reduce false alarms.
  • Manual/automatic FM measurement, automatic fetal status scoring system.
  • FHR signal strength indicator, twins cross channel verification.
  • Support Timing Monitoring printing.
  • 60 hours real-time waveform replay &storage. Power-off data protection for 30000 cases.


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