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  • 12.1 inch color TFT display touch screen operation
  • Alphanumeric Keyboard, individual capital and numeral key. Support multi- language input
  • Innovative Printing Preview and diagnosis result editable feature
  • Support on-screen diagnosis, 1:1 ratio on –screen waveform and diagnosis display.
  • Interpretation function: 5 different modes, 200 case analysis
  • Last 120 second 12- leads ECG waveform reviewable and recordable
  • Lead status Diagram to show ECG leads Conductivity
  • Support ECG working Station, HL7 protocol, HIS & PACS system. Clinical doctor can view ECG
  • waveform and diagnosis report from the computer system directly.
  • Connecting printer & USB
  • Connecting PC & NET
  • Import/Export
  • Connecting External device
  • Intelligent Calibration Recording System
  • Cabrera Leads can improve determinant of infraction artery, Fetalness evolution, etc.
  • Various recording format:12x1, 6x2+1R, 3x4+1R,3x4+1R,3x4+3R full diagnosis report output
  • Classifying gain: Chest lead and Limb leads waveform can setup gain independence, easy for diagnosis.


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