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Cardio TecTM  Technology
Cardio Tec™ technology 12-leadECG waveform synchronously display high precision ECG measurement technology, provides professional diagnosis assistance. Support arrhythmia analysis & alarm review. Two ECG cable to get 12-lead ECG analysis. Conventional 12-lead ECG to analyze I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF,V1-V6 and display these waveforms on the same screen.
  • AcuTecTM NIBP technology
  • More accurate measurement (SYS/DIA/MAP/PR)
  • Manual, Auto and Continuous mode
  • Overpressure protection
  • Both Reusable & Disposable NIBP Cuff can be used
SpO2- Masimo STE

Masimo SET is “Standard of Care” in pulse oximetry.
The first signal processing and sensor technology capable of accurately monitoring physiology during motion artifact and low perfusion
Gold Standard of SpO2

Identifies the venous blood and other noise, isolates them, and using proprietary techniques, extracts the arterial signal
4- ChannelTM   IBP, using the US Abbott/Medex IBP accessories, monitoring, ABP, PAP, CVP, ICP etc.
EtCO2 - RespironicsTM   & PhaseinTM
Collaborate with US RESPIRONICS, Plug and Play EtCO2 monitoring. Choose CAPNOSTAT 5 mainstream sensor or IRMA Mainstream CO2 & ISA Sidestream CO2 for optional performance in monitoring incubated     patients. Small, durable and lightweight mainstream sensor provides accurate and reliable monitoring for all incubated patient from neonates to adults. No calibration required. Select LoFloTM Sidestream sensor for monitoring non-incubated patient. Flexible, compact CO2 sensor provides consistent and reliable monitoring of adults, pediatric and neonatal patients.
Vibro-acoustic Stimulator
Once the instrument accurately detected that newborns are in the state of asphyxia, it will promptly send alarms and automatically initiate wake-up function and start rescue process to help them come to life.
Oxygen saturation function
Monitor can accurately measure and analyze the oxygen saturation inside the incubator and oxygen mask for newborns.
ST Segment Analysis
SV900 provides multilead ST Segment analysis enables the Cardiologist to keep a constant track on improvement of their valuable Patients.
Arrhythmia Analysis

Arrhythmia analysis and alarms provide a very important tool to clinicians for managing the emergencies well in advance.

Cardiac Output
SV900/820 provides the facility to measure Invasive cardiac output by Gold Standard Thermo-dilution Method. The Cardiac output is measured with floating catherter led from vein to pulmonary artery followed by injecting a certain amount of ice water at Zero degree (injecta) such that the blood temperature will be varied after the injecta and blood output from the heart are mixed together thereby achieving cardiac output by measuring blood temperature variation before and after injected in accordance with Principle of heat balance.
Anesthesia Gas
Collaboration with Sweden Phasein ISA ™ adopt the advanced anesthetic gas module for monitoring 8 types of gas (O2, CO2, N2O, ENF, ISO, Des, SEV, HAL). Automatic recognition of the anesthetic gas, short time for warm-up, long service life and support the MAC value (minimum alveolar concentration).
BIS- Bispectral Index
Bispectral is a genetic term of a kind of algorithm, which is widely applied in various fields for graphic record and analysis. The Aspect Co. is the first and unique company so far to use bispectral analysis technique to monitor life sign. BIS technique can analyze variation of EEG waveform, amplitude and rhythm to reduce PONV (Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting) such that length of stay in PACU (Post Anesthesia Care Unit) is shortened
ICG - US BIoz®
Collaboration with US BIOZ, impedance cardiograph for non-invasive continuous hemodynamic monitoring . Micro-signal transmits through disposable electrode Measurement and display of ICG Blood volume and Blood Flow Velocity varies with heartbeat. DISQ ® technology processes impedance signal variation. Variation of impedance applies to non-invasive Z MARC algorithm for acquiring SV, CO, SVR, Contractility and TFC etc.
Respiratory Mechanics Module:
It is used to display waveform of airway flow (FLOW) , airway pressure (PAW), gas volume (VOL) , flow volume ring (F-V), pressure volume ring (P-V) and relevant respiratory mechanics parameters.
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